Which would be the smartest investment that could guarantee good returns? On the other hand, long-term ones such as mutual funds, insurance, annuity, collective investment schemes, and even a mortgage loan have a longer payment structure and an even longer maturity period. An investment bank principally aids companies, corporations, and businesses in several functions, such as capital raising, underwriting, and generation of working capital. For municipal bonds, the supply and demand outlook seems to be balanced. Unit Investment Trusts: bits also issue shares to investors once, however, they do allow the shares to be sold on the open market. Value funds are those which try to invest in shares which are lesser known in the market, and these can be the ideal ones for you in today's market scenario, where the valuations of front line shares are too expensive. On the flip side, CD rates start from BSD 5000 and it provides guaranteed returns without any fluctuation in the interest rates.

Most people secure themselves and their families financially through different means of investments such as stocks, government bonds, property, etc. Rather than spending such money rashly, choosing to make small investments which have pocket-sized initial investment, is a better... Reinvest: For a long-term investment success, it is important that you reinvest your earnings from dividends and interests. These three long term investments for children are the safest ones and have an assured rate of return and are also very safe. One cardinal rule, often recommended by master investors, is to not invest in any sector, that you do not understand. Though the yield is low, the advantage of investing in savings accounts is the freedom to withdraw money anytime, as long as a minimum amount is maintained. There can be a risk of default if the company suffers losses or the prevailing market conditions force it to defer payment.